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Welcome to Hera’s World of Costumes is selling out!!

We do sell out!! Everything is for sale....

A wide selection of costumes, bavarien outfits, accessories, wigs, ball-gowns, tuxedos, tail-coats, top-hats … is awaiting you!

 We do sell out everything of our selection

Saturday 2th December open from 9 am till 4 pm

Last day: "Time out Party" Dec.15th for 9am till 7pm with Cookies and Prosecco!


Regular Business hours: 9am till 12noon, from 2pm till 6pm

For special visit call: 089 263916/ 0171 8718299 or WhatsApp 0049.....

Saturday appointment call us or look at our website first.

Unfortunately our site-navigation is in German only. However, we are an English-speaking team so feel free to contact us via telephone or e-mail with your inquiry!

We wish you all a very happy Fall- and Winter Seasion! Pictures here

Have a great Time. We are very creative, please ask for individual costumes

In Munich we offer you a joys of Events: look at the Event page

To come for a fitting or special questions pleace ask for a appointment, email info(at)heras-kostueme(dot)de  or call 089 263916.

Visit our picture gallery for you inspiration

Opening hours: Monday - Friday 9am – 12am and 2pm – 6.30pm   

only 2 minutes from Viktualienmarkt

We wish you a wounderful time!  

Every weekend partys, Balls, and Costum-motto evenings, visit our diary of event

Hotline: 0171 8718299 

Telefon 0049 / (0)89 / 26 39 16

mail: info(at)heras-kostueme(dot)de

"Woodstock" or "the great Gatsby" is a good motto for your party too.
link: http://www.heras-kostueme.de/pages/bilder-galerie/70er.php

You can find our rococo costumes on
this Link: http://www.heras-kostueme.de/pages/bilder-galerie/rokoko-co..php

Here you’ll find shows, theatres, events and parties in and around Munich

In our picture gallery ( Bildergalerie) you can see pictures to all themes and whatever else you might fancy!

Visit our new website at www.heras-cabrioclub.de

Visit our picture gallery with more than 1000 pictures

About us

In 1972 I, Hera Rauch, founded my tailor business in Buttermelcherstr. 2a. For my customers I did sewing of new clothes, altered, redesigned and repaired dresses.
My tailor’s soul was creatively inspired by the charming quarter of the Gärtnerplatz with its numerous theatres and artists. In those days I had already designed and produced costumes for my special circle of friends. On this occasion the idea of a professional rental of costumes was formed.

Today our fund contains nearly 3000 costumes, evening dresses, smoking and tails. The costumes are made with loving care in each detail. Our focus lies in the middle age, baroque and rococo, but also the fantastic twenties and seventies contain very many “originals” from these times. The selection of hats and wigs is also enormous.

Price fixing

Graduated tariff

To ensure all clients fair prices we developed the following graduated tariff:

1 Day: full day rate
2 Days: 1.5 day rates
3 Days: 2 day rates etc.
The week rate is: 2.5 day rates

Weekend from Friday evening 5pm to Monday lunch time 12am is 1.5 day rates

For photographers a special photo rate 9am to 12am ……60% of day rate, negotiable

If items aren’t brought back in time without informing us the system of the graduated tariff will start again.

Therefore we kindly ask our clients to return or inform us punctually.

You can contact us through answering machine, mobile or sms message.

Phone 0049 (0)89/ 26 39 16 or 0171 8718299

You will find our business conditions on the legal notice!


It depends on the amount of details and how much you’d like to wear your outfit.
Even with only a few items you can look great!

We'd be pleased to give you advice. Call us: 0049 (0) 89 / 26 39 16

You can get a complete costume, all ready, at the price of € 30.-

But you can also rent many single pieces, e.g. hats, a feather boa or wigs in a wide selection from € 10.- .

Easter: big rabbit brown: 1 Day € 130,00
small rabbit, golden or grey: 1 Day € 55,00
Tuxedo , complete: 1 Day € 120,00, Weekend € 150,00
Tailcoat complete: 1 Day € 180,00, for the opera ball (Vienna) all in € 280,00
Dress of the twenties: styled as in the picture € 80,00
Evening dress of the twenties: € 100,00
Men's casual wear of the twenties: (also mafia style):     starts at € 80,00

Here are some examples for the very popular rococo:

Little Mozart: already from € 80,00
Rokoko-Man: from € 80,00 - 220,00
Rokoko Lady: from € 80,00 - 220,00

Christmas themes:

Snowman: Day-rate € 150,00
Evening dress: from € 60,00


Legal Notice

Heras Kostümverleih
Buttermelcherstr. 2a
D - 80469 München

Tel: 089 - 26 39 16
Fax: 089 - 21 58 49 60

Email: info (at) heras-kostueme.de


Company Name: Kostümverleih Hera Rauch
Adress: Buttermelcherstr. 2a 80469 München
Phone: 089 - 26 39 16
Fax: 089 - 21 58 49 60
Mobile: 0171 8718299 oder 0152 05833328
Email: info (at) heras-kostueme.de
Director: Hera Rauch
Occupational title: modification tailoring and costume agency
event agency Heras-Carioclub.de
Sales tax indentification number: § 27 a Value Added Tax Act     DE 130 096 882
As regards to contents in authority after § 7 TMG: Hera Rauch
Notice of liability: Despite of careful control of the content we don’t assume liability for the content of extern links. Responsibility for linked websites lies exclusively on the hand of the operator of the site


Our Business conditions:

For the rental we advise the following:

The client will be completely responsible for our costumes for the duration of the rental.
An appropriate amount of money has to be deposited cash which the client will be given back when the costume has been returned in its original state.
The deposit is a fixed amount and does not relate to the actual value of a costume.
At applications with a value more than 1.000 € at least two thirds of the agreed price must be paid in advance. Should there be temporal delay due to the customer, it is on the customer’s side to pay for delays respectfully prolongation of the rental time. Thereby our graduated tariff holds for. You’ll find information on the page for prices.